Welcome to RASSKALL'S !

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring ​a one-of-a-kind , flavorful, healthy, 

fun and affordable family, 'new cuisine' , experience with Caribbean flavors, to Southern Oregon.

Our desire is...

  that everyone who comes to Rasskall's Shack,

 leaves feeling even happier and more satisfied than when they arrive !

Whenever Possible, we partner with local farmers, to provide in season, organic produce.

Our Story​

This establishment is founded in honor and loving memory of, The Original Rasskall,

 Stevanus, Smiley,  "Steve" Carty. 

 He loved good people, good food, music and dancing.  May you enjoy his place, and the folks, food, and music, in happiness, and appreciation for all that is good about life!

Our crew is one family... One Love. 

It is our pleasure to share with you a delicious fusion of  aromas, spices, 

and  flavors of the Caribbean. We serve delicious, traditional family recipes 

that have been passed down through generations, as well as flavorful 'fusion' recipes, combined with Southern Oregon organic, fresh fruits and vegetables.  

The Original Rasskall...

Welcome to my Jerk Shack!

The blend of Love and happiness that goes into the mix of each carefully prepared dish, each hand-mixed marinade and sauce, will satisfy the hungry traveler and bring strengt' for you to dance and sing! 

Taste the Spices !

Over the past centuries, people from all over the world, found themselves living in what is now known as the West Indies. As generations grew and mixed, so did cultures, spices, and family favorite dishes. Influenced in many ways by French, African, East Indian, and Asian cuisines... West Indian Cuisine is some of the most flavorful in the world! 

Our Organic 'Jerk' chicken thighs, and appetizer wings are marinated in a traditionally spicy combination of seasonings, and cooked over hardwood coals.  To suit our Family Style, we have 'toned' down the spice a bit, while retaining the traditional flavors... 


You can choose to customize your dish! For a more personalized choice of spicy flavor, you can inform your server, on a scale of 1-5, just how much spice you would love to try, and we will turn up the heat for you! We offer West Indian Habanero Pepper Sauce and words of caution for those with an experienced palate!

"I' TAL"  The Plant Based Options...

For the "I'tal" Dining experience, We offer Organic Vegan Entre´ and side options, as well as Ton Ton's Gluten Free Greek Hummus and Pita Breads. All Vegetarian and Vegan Options are Organic!

 The "YABBA POT" is a Stew Pot with a varying surprise menu of whatever happens to be in season and available at the particular moment! Ask your server or our Chef,  if the Yabba Pot is available, and we will tell you what is in our pot! 

You may call us to place your order in advance! 

1 (541)899-5229